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Export PDF using "Send to" and Custom Print Dimensions

Hello, thanks again for a great app!  My students really enjoy making and seeing their songs in "real music."

I am having an issue when I export PDF and choose "Send to" app.  A warning will appear that starts out with "Warning:  the score you have exported contains staves that did not fit completely into the exported pages...."  Then it will not go to the next step of opening the app window so I can choose which app I want to send it to.  

When I choose the "Airprint" and "Email" options the warning also appears.  But I can still complete the printing or emailing.

I have an iPad 2 running 9.3.3 and Symphony Pro version 4.2.4



  • Liz,

    We're glad that Symphony Pro's been serving your classroom well!

    Currently, the best way to work around the page size error message is by customizing your document dimensions, which you can do by opening the Score Menu, then looking under Display Settings > Page Sizes.

    In particular, it will usually be necessary to pick a height greater than 11.5'' to have the staves fit, given the default dimensions being US-Letter (8x11.5''). Note the settings applied here will affect all available export destinations.

    Another option is to scroll down towards the bottom of the menu and enter a custom height using the highlighted text field, as illustrated in the attachment. This option might not be ideal for printing, but may work for digital scores.

    If you need any clarification, we're always glad to help.
  • "Page- and Printer- settings" has always been a weakness, even a nuisance in Symphony Pro in my opinion.
    it would be So much better and easier to work with if, apart from the "bars per line", you could put in page breaks. That could even make print-settings obsolete. If you want a Specific part of the score on One page, and start the next bar on the next page, Symphony Pro is downright Fiddly and it takes some doing to print a score in the way you want, including throwing away a few test-prints.
    let's face it, Symphony Pro is designed to read scores directly on your iPad, and is not designed for printing. And in reading a score directly on my iPad, SP is Unbeatable, especially with the vertical scroll function. Printing a score is only for sharing with those fellow players Without iPads.
    Amateur musician, harmonica enthusiast and volunteer with HarmonicaUK.
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