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Thanks for this Great program!!

Hi everyone in the Support team,
can I just say here that it really is an absolute Pleasure to have SP on my iPad, it is a Great feature, and many competitors can learn a Lot from how you guys take your development and maintenance so seriously. Reading through the posts here, mostly the questions about things You can't do in SP, it is reassuring to know that you are taking these questions Seriously and try to work things out in the next update. On the one hand, it can be frustrating to see yet another answer like "we will look into this on our next update" and knowing that updates don't come as often as you would wish. But on the other hand, and let's just be honest here, any app that needs updating every week or so will soon do Your head in and no matter how good it is, You will loose interest. I know that that certainly goes for me. Maybe there is a "middle" somewhere; more regular updates, but just enough Not to get annoying...?
but all in all, Great work, Please keep it up, You guys Rock!!!
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    Your support means a lot for our ongoing journey to take SP to the next level with each and every update, thank you so much.

    We'd first like to share that our biggest challenge lately has been to get down a reliable & unified editing interface, one that can work intuitively across all iOS devices. As a result, we've not only been taking into account the existing iPad in making design refinements, but also the iPad Pro, iPhone, and the new Apple Pencil each being a critical part of the picture.

    Considering the above factors, and given our constrained engineering resources for Version 4, releasing new developments on-time has certainly been very difficult, but hopefully in an understandable way at the moment. 

    In the not-to-distant future, it will become an equally important goal to deliver updates in a much more timely fashion.

    Thank you again for your advice & feedback over the past year, as well as your incredible patience. We hope you'll continue sharing bug reports & suggestions on a regular basis, as attaining the right level of testing prior to a major release has been very difficult for us lately!

    Philip, Lead Developer
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