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D.S. Al Coda

Can someone confirm if expressions such as D.S. Al Coda actually work during playback?


  • edited July 2016
    This won't work at the moment, sorry. Notation flexibility comes first with most score expressions, and at the very least, you can expect to see far more flexibility in that area in 4.3 – by being able to attach many more symbols to individual bars, as well as place them in empty areas of the score. 
  • Do you have a rough estimate of the date of the 4.3 release?
  • edited July 2016
    @dondi It'll be less than a month if not much earlier, but you're more than welcome to install our latest app in TestFlight. This should fix the crashing you reported earlier, among hundreds of other improvements.

    Let us know if you'd be interested, and we'd be happy to sign you up.

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