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List of issues I have found with current version

I am holding putting a scathing review of the app on the app store because I love this app and it's interface. I want to see it success, and I love the new version.

However there are some things that need to be addressed.

  1. Crashing issues, i'm on an old ipad 2 so I have come to expect them, and they probably aren't your fault. It usually happens when switching to and using the arrow tool.
  2. The app asks me if I want to read the new release notes every time I open it.
  3. I have to turn on midi input each time I load the app, this is especially annoying when it crashes on my ipad 2 (Perhaps the app could sense if something is plugged in on startup?)
  4. No save button, I get that it auto saves but sometimes that is not fast enough especially on a device that crashes frequently
  5. In order to input single notes with midi you have to bring up the onscreen keyboard, that seems a bit redundant
  6. I cant figure out how to move the keyboard up or down one octave
  7. You used to be able to use the arrow tool to select a note then you could play midi and overwrite that, so you could essentially put down a rhythm (using the midi record tool) and then later replace the rhythm with real notes, or you could edit a chord. I can not figure out how to do this this version.
  8. If the keyboard is up on screen it is impossible to edit individual parts of a chord.
  9. The interface shifts, for example when going from metronome icon->midi input it shows the new screen then immediately shifts the screen downwards. I find this animation annoying even though it does make the transition from different sized screens cleaner. This is also something that would be less annoying if I didn't have to turn midi back on each time the app loads.
  10. When sliding notes (with keyboard down) incorrect notes are played. To replicate this take a grand staff piano and put a C octave with the top note being in the lower half of the bass clef. Then shift the top note down to a B, then shift the bottom note to a b. Although that is an octave, it does not sound like one until you release and re-tap the note. It seems while shifting a note the other note has issues or something?
  11. Page turning is difficult, I cant figure it out. A lot of times I just end up scrolling the page slightly.


  • @Cubby208

    Thanks for your detailed feedback. You can expect most of these issues to be addressed in the update that's on the way, but also keep the following tips in mind for current/future versions:

    #6. To transpose the keyboard, there's a faint scrollbar at the top that you can move left or right. Dragging the very end of either side will resize the piano keys, while dragging the middle will adjust the scroll position:

    For #3 and #5:

    There's a designated icon for MIDI input that can be found under the Instruments expandable button. If you tap+hold the Keyboard icon to expand the button, then select the highlighted icon below, it will prevent from having to manually enable the MIDI Input switch from the setup menu, as well as having to bring up the On Screen Piano, in the sense that the input cursor will be shown while the piano stays hidden:

    Accessing the above controls is absolutely crucial to make any serious use of the app. Let us know if anything is unclear and we'd be happy to assist you further. 
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