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Chord symbols are abbreviated

When I type in a chord symbol (such as C6/9/A), it gets presented as C6 sometimes, or C6/9 sometimes.  When I edit it, it still shows up correctly as I initially typed in - C6/9/A.  Any idea how to get it to show the whole chord name?


  • edited June 2016
    We've fixed this particular issue for the following update. If you encounter any other syntax that's auto-truncating when it shouldn't, we're always glad to handle/address more of these rather unique cases.
  • Glad to hear it! When might the update come out - and, any luck on the stave spacing on PDF files? Thanks!
  • We just got back to you over on the other thread. Thanks again for the great feedback. 
  • Not working in Symphony for iPhone I would like to know if chord symbols edit are working as it should in the SP app
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