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How select and modify a ligature ?

Hi ! 
I've written a partition on MuseScore on my Macbook Pro. I exported him in the format .xml and I imported him in Symphony Pro 4 on my IPad Pro 9.7 and it's OK. 
I have make some adjustments but I can't select the ligatures already present because they are quite moved or anyhow. 
I saw that I could add to it but I can't modify those already present. 
Someone can help me ? 


  • edited May 2016
    You're definitely right, phrase marks loaded from XML import aren't currently adjustable, but we'll be fixing this in one of the next updates.

    One workaround you can try is to specify a new ligature to overwrite an existing one that you'd like to edit. This will be a cumbersome process if you need to edit many elements, but if you only need to make a few adjustments, you can consider the following steps, on any ligature that needs adjustment:
    • Find the first note at the start of the ligature, then select the note
    • Select the ligature icon under the Articulations toolbar category:

    After highlighting the above icon, the old ligature will be replaced by a new one. This will necessitate having to manually re-specify the length and shape, so we'll try make the imported slurs editable from the start.
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