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Version 4.2 crash

Just updated to Symphony Pro 4.2 on ipad 2 ios 8.4.1 and it crases on open.
Instead of opening properly, the screen returns to the desktop, and it appears in the multitask bar as what seems to be the last screen before the update, with the help opened ! Clicking there returns to the desktop again.

I had already tried to keep the clean cache option on in the options for the app, but that didn't help.
will i be forced to unninstall and install ?

Luiz Marcio.


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    @Luiz, You're not alone in experiencing this iOS 8 related crash, and we're looking into a resolution in the immediate update.

    If possible, however, you should consider upgrading to iOS 9. Doing so will most likely prevent the crash from occurring, without having to wait for an update. If you choose this route, we'd be glad for your response on whether the issue was resolved.
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    Couldn't update to ios 9 yet. The app update just adressed the bug, thanks.
  • @luizm

    Very glad the app's working for you without necessitating an update. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask.
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