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Symphony Pro v4.2 Update

4.2 is a major update improving virtually every aspect of our 4.0 release. Below is a brief overview of improvements & fixes in this version. Click here for a more complete overview. If you'd like to submit a bug report, we encourage you to reply below, or post a new topic. As with any new update, most newly encountered issues will be addressed immediately.

==== Important Stability Issues Addressed in this Version ====
- Memory issues with large numbers of projects saved or previously opened
- Fixes crashing during playback due to internal consistency errors

==== Playback / Audio ====
- New & reworked sound libraries for strings & woodwinds
- New instruments in the collection include an alternate grand piano, rock organ, banjo, kalimba, koto, shenai, and bagpipe
- Use Left/Right Arrows to move Play Head in real time
- Fixed cut-time and fermata playback
- Volume levels of wind and brass instruments normalized & rebalanced
- Better performance on older iPads
- Dynamic symbols now update track volume in real time and across tied notes

==== Audio/MIDI Import & Export ====
- AAC/m4a: fixed occasional crashing during export process
- MIDI import: fixed missing notes and incorrect note values
- MIDI Import & Export: MIDI instrument map now conforms to General MIDI Standard

==== Export to PDF/AirPrint ====
- PDF quality no longer fluctuates between exported pages
- Address freezing when exporting to AirPrint

==== MusicXML Import ====
- Up to date for latest versions of Sibelius, Finale, and Notion:
- Key signature changes now recognized, as well as transposing staves
- Improved recognition of part-wise clefs
- Support for pickup measures, grand staff, and multi-stave parts

==== MusicXML Export ====
- Up to date for latest versions of Sibelius, Finale, and Notion:
- Export of part group information and instrument names
- Support for octave clefs

==== General Interface ====
- Toolbar layout optimized for iPad Pro
- Faster loading & saving of local & cloud documents
- Open a Contextual Help Overlay for a visual overview of currently available command / editing icons. Available under Help Icon > Quick Help
- Fix various interface issues when attempting to rename project
- With with no viewing folder chosen, only uncategorized projects are now shown (previously, all projects were shown)

==== QWERTY Shortcuts ====
- Available keyboard commands now categorized into sections (Press Option + K to open list)
- Load or export your customized QWERTY shortcuts as preset file via the Mail app

==== General Editing ====
- Fixed score pinch-to-zoom
- Stave reposition works correctly in multi voice compositions
- Add textboxes to empty bars

==== Note Entry ====
- Ghost/bracketed note support, available from noteheads expandable button
- Dotted note icon deselects automatically after entering a new note
— Accidental sign automatically turns off from Notes Toolbar after entering note
- Fixed incorrect/unintended accidentals when entering notes

==== Note Editing ====
- Tap once on newly added note to bring up transpose/edit/delete menu items
- Tap selection a second time to show Note Properties Palette, Custom Tuplet feature, and other Note Adjust Menu options
- Editing of tie property works correctly in Select mode 
- Correct note names now displayed while dragging a note to transpose

==== Input Cursor ====
- Preview how a selected note or chord sounds by tapping once on cursor
- Better repositioning of cursor when editing notes & score symbols

==== Chord Symbols ====
- Fixed chord symbol font size regression when opening project
- Prevent flickering when large numbers of symbols displayed while scrolling

==== Notational Rendering Improvements ====
- Improved note alignment for multi-voice staves
- Rests and ties are drawn properly

==== Score Layout ====
- New option under Score > Display Settings > Page Sizes allows for score aspect ratio to fit screen, for both landscape and portrait viewing (this option is now the default)

==== Accessibility w/VoiceOver ====
- Use Magic Tap gesture (two-finger double tap) to toggle playback
- Press Cmd+Alt+P to read back score expressions for selected note, including dynamics, articulations 
- Read back pitch and note value for selected note using Cmd+Alt+P


  • Is there a way to tell Symphony Pro to stop showing me the release notes every time I launch the program? I've read them already and don't need to be prompted to read them over and over again. 
  • Why does Symphony pro keep playing after the song is over?
     It continues for 5 measures after the last measure. click sound on the metronome.
    OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6
    IOS 13.4 iPad Pro 4th gen.
  • @dertrommler We'll take care of this bug in the next release

    @uncle808us This should get fixed in the next release as well. Your mentioning of the 5 extra measures was the hint we needed to finally figure out the bug introduced in 4.2.35, much appreciated!
  • edited August 2016
    Is there a reason why crossing up (or down) can only be done with an 1/8th note?  It's a bit cumbersome to rewrite a note to 1/8, perform the cross up, then again rewrite the note to the original value instead of just being able to select the note, perform the cross up and move on. 

    Once again, thanks for an awesome program.  It just gets better and better.
  • Good point Anya. We've patched this issue for the next release, but don't hesitate to let us know if you need anything else.
  • Got the update in iTunes app store for my iPod but not for my iPad any idea why?
    OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6
    IOS 13.4 iPad Pro 4th gen.
  • This should read:4.2 is a major update improving virtually every aspect of our 4.0 release.for iPhone.
    OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6
    IOS 13.4 iPad Pro 4th gen.
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