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Add or Remove Instrument(s) part way into the score

Hi all. Admittedly, I'm just getting started with Symphony Pro, but I've poured over the manual and I don't see an answer to this question, so I'll ask it here.

Let's say I write a choral piece using the template, so I've got the SATB parts and a Grand Piano line. If I've got 32 bars of piano before the choir starts, I don't want all those empty SATB staves taking up unnecessary room. I want to just see the piano for the first 32 bars, and then add the SATB parts, once they actually come in.

I can think of a bunch of cases where this type of thing would be necessary, and it's certainly prevalent in actual sheet music, so I'm assuming it's possible and I just haven't figured out how yet.  Please help!  Thanks!


  • A feature to view only specific parts at a given bar number isn't quite ready yet, but we definitely know how useful it'd be, and is something you can expect later in the year (hopefully summer)

    For the time being, you can manually "reduce" the score to view only the parts you want. In case you haven't found out about it, this is done by opening the Instruments Menu (illustrated below), highlighting one or more eye symbols that correspond to the parts to selectively view, then tapping Apply:

    The major limitation here is that the reduction won't be automatic in any way, but it will be helpful if you're editing the score with a large number of non-playing parts to start with. 

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