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Adding a vocal line

I may be missing something obvious, but if I want a piano score with an additional vocal line on top, how do I do that? I've tried adding instruments, but vocal doesn't appear to be an option.



  • @gingerclan

    As of 4.1.7, you currently have to do the following, provided that you have a score open with only a grand staff:

    1. From the bottom-right of the screen, open the Navigation Menu > Instruments (top-most icon)

    2. Tap the plus sign at the bottom right of the popup to add a new vocal line

    3. Tap "Choose Templates" as shown, then select "Treble Staff" from the menu options:

    4. In order to have the new staff appear above the grand staff, tap the 
    Edit option at the top-right of the popup, then drag the highlighted portion of the part entry so that it's above the original grand staff, as illustrated below.

    Note that you can also rename the staff in Edit mode by tapping on its part label.

    If you need any clarification or further help, don't hesitate to ask
  • Thanks - all sorted!
  • Great to know!
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