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7:4, 7:2, etc

when inputting septuplets I cannot input 7 equal quarter notes, 7:4. 7:2 in 4/4 would be 8th notes. The whole juxtaposition seems to be off by 1. 7 equal 8th cit but take up the whole bar. This doesn't seem to be a problem with quintuplets. Please advise. 


  • edited February 2016
    As is standard practice, the first number in the displayed ratio accounts for the number of notes that are in the tuplet, while the second number indicates how many normal notes the tuplet is substituting for. It looks like you have the right idea here.

    In terms of the editing process, you should be able to specify a 7:4 quarter note tuplet, for example, provided that you do the following:

    - Enter 7 eighth notes into the 4/4 bar
    - Switch from Pencil to Select mode
    - In order to make all of them quarter notes, first highlight them by dragging over the entire bar (with a rectangle select)
    - From the Notes Toolbar, select the quarter note icon to modify the selection accordingly (this will cause the bar to be over-full)
    - From the menu items above the selected notes, tap the right arrow and choose "Tuplet.."

    In the define custom tuplet dialog that will appear, you should then be able to specify the tuplet to stand in for 4 quarter notes to correctly finish the process. Note that this particular dialog only modifies the duration of the tuplet, and not the displayed note values.

    Hopefully the above example was helpful, but let us know if you could use any clarification.
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