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Lost files and unable to print to AirPrint after update

Last week I updated SP for iPad. I was asked if I wanted the bundle for an extra fee. I did this. I have lost three years of work and am unable to AirPrint. 
please can you help. 


  • Hi Donna,

    We're very sorry about the problem, but will do our best to help recover the lost projects. 

    Normally, the app always makes sure that scores are never deleted accidentally, and we’re not yet aware of a software malfunction in the 4.0 release that’s causing data to become lost. 

    To get more information about what might've caused the issue, we first request the following details:

    1. Whether any of your scores were uploaded to iCloud. If this is the case, make sure that you have an Internet connection and that you're signed into iCloud. Both conditions are currently necessary in order to access uploaded cloud documents. 

    2. Next, please check whether any documents appear inside the iTunes File Sharing window. To access it:

    - Connect your iPad to your Mac or PC and open iTunes
    - Click the iPad icon from the navigation bar
    - Select the Apps tab from the left toolbar (under Settings)
    - From the main window, scroll down to File Sharing, then click on Symphony Pro under the Apps header

    If you need clarification or guidance with these steps, we’re always glad to help. More information (including illustrations) about how to access this window is also available from this support page, under the section "Copy files from an iOS app to your computer." 

    After you provide the above details, we'll have a better idea of the issue and follow-up with further troubleshooting steps. 
  • I am also unable to AirPrint any scores in Symphony Pro 4.1.7 on my iPad 3, even when no other apps are running. It always gets stuck on page 1 of the score with a spinning cursor. I am able to export PDFs to other apps and email: in those cases it immediately shows the export quality dialog, which doesn't display when I use AirPrint.
  • @Redwave Your details regarding PDF/AirPrint are much appreciated. We're looking into the freezing issue and will have it addressed it ASAP.
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