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I have version 4.1.7 of the app on my iPad and I would like to acquire the Complete Features Bundle but through the app I receive a message "les achats depuis une app ne sont pas autorisés" (buying from an app is not permitted); but Apple store doesn't propose the Bundle; so how is it possible to buy the Bundle???


  • Hi Magnanarelle,

    We've received reports of similar issues, but only with restoring In-App Purchases that were already made successfully.

    If you're still experiencing difficulties buying the Complete Features Bundle, please make sure of the following before making the purchase:

    - An Internet connection is available 
    - That you're logged into the App Store under an AppleID that is authorized to make purchases

    - If the issue persists after verifying the above details, please try resetting Symphony Pro's application cache. This restores most of the configuration settings to their defaults, and can be done by the following steps:
    • Close Symphony Pro from the App Switcher, if present from the menu; you can check by double-tapping the Home Screen button
    • From Home Screen > Settings, navigate to Symphony Pro from the list of apps, towards the bottom of the left-hand index
    • After selecting the app from the index, turn on the switch labeled "Reset Cache" at the very top of the right-hand menu, then relaunch Symphony Pro
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