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tie bug

I'm seeing a bug in ties in Symphony Pro 4.1.7 (iOS 9.2 on iPad 3). If I use the pointer to select a note in a chord, the tie symbol in the toolbar seems to be highlighted depending on whether the *top* note of the chord has a tie, not depending on whether the selected note has a tie. This often makes it impossible the change the tie status of a lower note in a chord.
Also, when dragging a lower note in a chord up or down, the popup-display note value (e.g. "G4") is that of the top note in the chord, not of the note being dragged. This makes it harder to place the note correctly.
As another forum poster has noted, I'm unable to change the title of an score in Symphony Pro 4.1.7.


  • edited January 2016
    Thanks for your valuable bug reports Redwave. We've addressed the annoying note selection bugs you pointed out. You can also expect proper score renaming in the next update available within a week (4.1.11).

    Note: if renaming a project from the Score Editing window doesn't work by either selecting the title text directly, or by using the title text field in the Score menu, the Projects window will be the only alternative option (in 4.1.7). To edit title/filename from this window:
    • Tap Select on the top-right corner 
    • Highlight the score you wish to rename, then
    • Tap the rename icon (with a paper+pencil) that appears in the Navigation Bar

  • Thanks, this alternative way of renaming scores works!
  • Any news on bug fix release 4.1.11 which was promised within a week on January 6, and also in another thread on February 16? "At the very least, you can look forward to a major update in the following week, which will address both issues you've mentioned, among many other improvements to editing, navigation, and document management."
  • @Redwave

    Unfortunately, v4 introduced other interface & editing issues that were compelling enough to postpone a new update, so we must greatly apologize. There were just a number of interrelated changes that needed to be finalized before any update could truly be ready. A major update will be available sometime in May, after a bit more testing.

    In light of the delays, however, we sent you an email invitation to join our beta and try the latest prerelease version, which has the earlier issues addressed. It's the least we could do, and we hope you'll take the opportunity!
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