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Chord symbol changes and other small problems

I use Symphony Pro 4 to convert lead sheets from piano to sax and clarinet. When I choose the option to change instruments the notation changes but the chord symbols I have written do not change. I can get both to change if I choose to change key signature in a different menu instead of changing instruments, but both should work. Slash chords are not transposing the letter following the slash. The program is retaining the original slash letter, for example C/B might change to F/B instead of F/E. Superscript accidentals are not changing with key signature. Bb has to be written with unsuperscripted flat in order to be transposed correctly. A down arrow to unsuperscript would also be nice to have. When I put parentheses around some chord changes at the end of a song, I am forced to close with a superscripted ")" if I am using superscripts for parts of this information.  Finally, transposed chord changes are not being converted all the way to the end of a song, it abruptly stops after about (12 ?, maybe more) measures and the old chord symbols from the original key are kept.

I agree with another user about having dotted notes modifier automatically release for subsequent notes as the default behavior the same way ties automatically release for subsequent note entry. Having a series of dotted notes is a rarity. Having to release the dot modifier every time I use it really slows things up.

The last rest in a measure when step notating from built in keyboard does not always move to next measure. I have noticed this with eighth note rests particularly when it is the last element of a measure.

Otherwise, I am very pleased with this version of Symphony Pro and look forward to improvements. Keep up the good work. 


  • Hi marcopo,

    We'll address the chord symbol bugs for the next update. With regards to note entry, we'll look into the input cursor bug and consider providing an option to automatically toggle/untoggle the dotted note icon – this was definitely an annoyance for many others as well.

    Thank you so much for your incredible feedback, by the way! All of your points were crucial to us, and we hope you'll continue making the most of SP4 despite these issues.

    Please look for the next update early next month, but don't hesitate to share more of your thoughts & feedback along the way!
  • I am new in Symphony Pro, and I also have the problem that chord symbols don't change when I copy to a transposed instrument, in my situation from piano to alto sax. The notes change perfect. Hope you can help :)
  • When I export the XML to Sibelius the chords change perfect!
  • @frederikh chord symbols will transpose along with the instrument staff as part of the next major update.

    If you encounter anything else that needs fixing, don't hesitate to let us know!
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