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Broken update

edited December 2015 in Symphony Pro
sir I just downloaded last week to my new iPad pro and it worked fine... Just downloaded update and 1. It produces no sound when it plays at all. 2. As I try to add voices it only maps in one voice for all tracks. 3. The import of xml files gets scrambled and won't play. Keeps jumping back and forward randomly. Plus the notes are scrambled up. Can you fix this please. Or can I un-update and go back.
Mr. Naturals music school.

i just deleted the program and reloaded it - now plays sound. BUT instruments menu still only has one voice only and it still scrambles xml files...    Sorry hope you can help.


  • Apologies about the new issues you've been experiencing in the 4.1.7 update. 

    We're looking into the causes of the playback and score layout bugs you've described, and we'll make a patch available as soon as they're resolved.

    For the time being, please consider including a Symphony project (.sym) and/or a MusicXML
    (.xml) document as a reply to this message. Either of these resources would help us immensely in resolving the bugs. 

    SP Support
  • Thank you I'm so glad for your help. What ever I can do to help you pin down the glitches. I can email you the sym files plus a copy of the xml output from Encore and the sym of its import scramble. 
    I don't know how to attach them from SP into this post?
    However I will email from SP the sys files.
    email please...
    Mr. Natural aka Ubernatch
  • Hi Ubernatch,

    Please send the example XML file to [email protected] We greatly appreciate it!

    SP Support
  • I, too, am having multiple issues with the update. No sound, can't save the name except in list view, and other little foxes that are driving me crazy! I too would like to UNupdate. Is there a way to do that????
  • @dene

    There isn't a reliable way to revert to a previous version, unfortunately. At the very least, you can look forward to a major update in the following week, which will address both issues you've mentioned, among many other improvements to editing, navigation, and document management. We hope v4 will be working a lot better for you overall.
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