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Can I go da-da-da-dum?

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Just bought Symphony Pro :)

I wanted a programme that would allow me to:
1) Jot down a melody that pops into my head,
2) Have the input interpreted and stored as a score,
3) Edit the melody in the score, and
4) Develop it into a full arrangement.

It seems that Symphony Pro does (2) to (4) brilliantly, but I can't get it to respond to different note durations during keyboard input.

In other words, if I wanted to record, say, the opening theme of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony... when I play "da-da-da-dum", it actually record/scores "dum-dum-dum-dum". I would then have to go back and da-da-da the first three notes!

1) Is there a feature I haven't found that allows realtime note duration response?
2) If not...
a) are there plans to include it in a later version?
b) or, is there a work-round?
c) or, have I made a da-da-da-dumb choice of app? :D

I'd be very grateful for any advice!


  • In answer to your questions:

    1) In Symphony Pro 1.X, there is no real-time recording. That's the bad news.
    2) a) It's coming in Version 2.0. http://forums.symphonypro.net/viewtopic.php?id=87
    b) Work around is to add rhythms as you enter notes, using the choice of notes or rests as you play. This replicates "Speedy Note Entry" in Finale
    c) Symphony Pro is pretty much the ONLY choice when it comes to music notation on the iPad. You haven't made a bad choice--the developers work very hard to eliminate bugs and update the program. By buying the app, you've just helped to keep that development going.

    The good news: Symphony Pro 2.0 is coming very soon. A number of us have acted as Beta testers, and we've been supplying feedback (mainly crash reports) back to the developers, so that the actual 2.0 release will be as bug-free as possible. Considering they are the only game in town, I appreciate their commitment to wanting to get things right before releasing 2.0. (It was supposed to be released earlier this summer, but they've delayed release to get things right).

    Again, check out the post about 2.0 and its new features. It really is something to look forward to.
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    Thank you very much for your reply! Greatly appreciated. I look forward to being able to da-da-da-dumming! :)

    I'll certainly upgrade when it's released.

    Have you been given any idea when 2.0 might hit the app store, please?
  • Hi Barry,

    A lot of time has been spent on recording for version 2. The goals were to make it as reliable as possible, even though a more basic one would've been good enough.

    - Make the output accurate. Also, triplet detection.
    - Make the output clean, even with little quantization (e.g separate a recorded track into upper & lower voice), post quantization (e.g. eliminate short rests).
    - Be able to record onto more than 1 staff with multiple voices, for example a grand staff, with accurate voicing. Notes that fall under the treble or bass clef don't always belong there.
    - Be able to output in real time.

    Right now, this is being tested a lot. Once it's ready, and several other bugs in other areas are fixed, 2.0 will be ready to go.

    P.S. Thanks Christopher. I really appreciate that you have intervened for us on the forums. We'll try our best to respond to questions regularly.

  • Many thanks to both of you!

    It's an impressive forum where both users and developers are so punctilious and dedicated. :)

    I seem to have chosen the right app by the right company... and am happy to wait until you're happy to release!
  • I want to send my crash log in but I don't know which one to send. None are labeled directly as "Symphony Pro".
  • Jacob wrote:
    I want to send my crash log in but I don't know which one to send. None are labeled directly as "Symphony Pro".

    Logs labeled as "Symphony" are fine. That's what mine are labeled as.
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