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Sustain pedal ?!

Is it possible to use sustain pedal when use 'realtime input function' by digital piano.
I couldn't find the way. 
Please help~! 


  • Currently, it is only possible to apply a sustain pedal by entering the designated symbol using touch input. We hope this isn't a significant limitation. In case this workaround can be a useful alternative to recording, please refer to the following steps to specify the symbol:
    • First, set the Score Symbols expandable button to the Articulations icon (highlighted in red) 
    • Activate the pedal icon (highlighted in green).
    • Tap on an existing note within the score to add the corresponding symbol. 

    An alternative to this symbol you can also try is the technical mark labeled "Let Ring", which can be found in the Guitar notations menu, and the corresponding icon is highlighted below in red:

    If you need any clarification on the above steps, please let us know.
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