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Grace notes change whenever edit is used in a measure

you've put a lot of effort into this App.  That said, Symphony Pro for iPad is quickly becoming the most aggravating App I've ever used.  It let's me enter grace notes, but, whenever I use edit in a measure, the App switches to literal notes -- and that might make sense to the App, but it is beyond confusing to the musicians when handed a part that I've printed out for them

you have numerous bugs, but this one is about to send me back to the Apple Store in search of a full refund.  I do hope you will resolve this bug ASAP!


  • This is a serious bug that we've fixed for an immediate update; thanks for your feedback. 

    We apologize about new issues that were introduced in Version 4. The vast majority of the app's features should become fully reliable within the next few updates, but we rely on bug reports like yours to fix new issues as quickly as possible; don't hesitate to let us know of any other difficulties you've been having, or encounter in the future.
  • I have update 4.1.2 on my iPad.  Is this the update you are speaking of, or is there yet another update to come that should correct this issue.  Thanks.

    By the way, your App has great promise.  If you can get the aggravation out of it, it will become the benchmark.
  • Let me ask again, perhaps a bit more specifically.  Is update 4.1.2 supposed to be the update that corrects the grace note issue, because if it is, it didn't work.  OR, do you have another update coming soon!

  • Thanks for the encouragement earlier! 

    The upcoming 4.1.4 update we submitted will address this issue. You can expect to see it available sometime next week, after it passes review.

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