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I seem to recall that the composer used to be listed when you went to view all the works but now it doesn't.  Is there a Setting somewhere that would let me have that field show when I view all the works?  If not, can it be added back?  


  • Yes, Anya, I miss that feature too, particularly as I originally suggested it in this forum!
  • @Anya @Redwave

    Thanks for pointing this out. Composer info is definitely important for indexing purposes in many cases, which is something we've overlooked in the 4.0 changes. We'll provide composer as an option for subtitle text to replace last modified date if desired, and you can expect to see the option available in 1 or 2 updates.
  • Thanks. On the topic of indexing and organizing works, I really like that we have the ability to create new folders now.  However, there are a few quirky things with this.  

    For example, the new update came with some additional works in a new folder called Example Scores.  One problem is that this folder, Example Scores, is not available as an option for organizing.  The old Symphony Pro had several example scores also, and I thought I would just add them to the Example Scores folder, but after selecting the works, then choosing Existing Folder to move to, Example Scores does not show in the list of folder destination options...only the All Projects and the one other folder I created are in the folder destination list.

    Also, most of the works in Example Scores don't show in the list when you look at all works. The exception is Boogie with Nikki. The other three example scores don't appear in the 'all projects' list.

    It might be nice to also show a project's designated folder when viewing the list of works. Otherwise, the only way to figure out if a work has been moved to a destination folder is to look into each folder to see if it's there (unless I'm missing something). 

    If that's not easy to do, you can consider instead to show the folder option 'General' which is where all the uncategorized works currently are anyway.  If I chose this option, I would only see the works that have not been moved to any other folder. Otherwise I have to hunt and peck through All Projects to find it.  I hope this makes sense...
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