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Help button causes crash

I -just- bought this app a few minutes ago, and since it's brand new to me I obviously do not know how to use it. However, it crashes every single time I press the help button. I tried to reset the cache in the settings on my iPad, and it didn't help. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS, IT'S EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING TO BUY AN APP AND NOT BE ABLE TO USE IT. 


  • Now I am trying to input notes using Realtime Note Input, and it crashes after approximately 3 bars, and when I re-open it, my work is lost. I am very unsatisfied with how much this app crashes.
  • An update fixing the crash when attempting to open the help menu will be available in a few more days. Please consider updating to iOS 9 if you want to work around the issue, before the update (4.6.10) goes live.

    Please hang in there. In 4.6.10, we've also fixed dozens of other crashes, including with MIDI record and other editing scenarios.
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