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No Lock Button

I just upgraded to the latest Symphony pro.  In the old symphony pro all my projects were locked and you could see the little lock symbol on each project. The lock symbol is gone but auto save doesn't seem to be working. When I shut down a project I'm still asked if I want to save. When I "Select” a project I would like to lockthere is no lock button is the menu. Are AUTO SAVE and LOCK gone from the new version?


  • We'll consider reintroducing the lock button in one of the following updates.

    Your current confusion regarding how documents are saved is very understandable. To clarify some details about file storage & backups, please note the following about the latest 4.0 versions:
    • The save dialog will always appear regardless of whether your score was recently saved, automatically or otherwise.
    • Autosave always runs every 2 minutes or so, and there's currently no option to turn it off, since we want to make sure that unsaved work always gets backed up, at least until a few more stability issues get fixed 
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