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PDF export crashing on iPad 2

Hello Symphony Pro support person,

I have really enjoyed using your app!  Thanks for making big improvements to options and features.

i noticed in the 4.0.3 release that you had fixed a bug on crashing when exporting in PDF form.  I have an iPad 2 running 9.0.1 and that feature is still crashing.  It has worked maybe 2 or 3 times out of the about 20 times I have tried it.  I have cleared the cache and also deleted and reinstalled the app and it is still bugging out.

I will often get a message:

"Due to low available memory, PDF quality will be reduced in your exported score.  To improve PDF quality, close background apps and relaunch Symphony Pro."

This message will appear even if there are no other apps open.  Please tell me there is hope that I can continue using this feature on my device!!!  Everything else is working great that I can tell so far.


  • The same here . Crashing when i send a pdf email. Crashing when i send a color pdf email.Crashing when i send a midi email.
    Fix it.  
  • Could I get an update on this bug?

  • @lizmusic45 @dEniz

    Update 4.1.2 just became available, and addresses the crashing issue you've brought up, when attempting to export to PDF on iPad 2. Thanks for letting us know about it.

    To prevent crashing starting this version, note that it will be necessary to choose the option labeled "Export in Reduced Quality" from a new dialog box that appears after starting the export process (the dialog only appears when running from iPad 2 or iPad Mini, specifically).

  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
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