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Notes of different lengths in same chord

Have looked in vain to find out how to enter a chord where the notes start at the same time, but are not all held for the same length of time.  I cannot edit the individual notes separately, as the software only allows me to alter all the notes in the chord at the same time.  


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    The following is an example of a grand staff, containing two voices with different note values on each of its two staves:

    If this is the score configuration you're looking for: The Voices/Layers button in the navigation bar allows you to place different simultaneous note values by switching to a new layer. This button is highlighted below, and allows you to toggle through layers 1 through 4:

    Inline image 2

    Keep in mind that by default:
    • All notes are placed on Voice 1, if the above button hasn't been used since the score was created
    • The currently selected voice for note entry is indicated by a green highlight color for the score noteheads
    • Notes in odd numbered voices have stems up, while those in even numbered voices have stems down
    Note that to change the above default settings, pressing-and-holding the Voices icon will show a popup menu for customizing stem directions for any particular layer, note highlight color, and more.

    Let us know if you need any clarification on any part of our response. 
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    I have a similar problem where one note in a three note chord is held for the duration of the bar while the others are quarter notes. This would be played with one hand on a piano. Is there no way to represent this without using layers?

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