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iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Ok, I must be missing the thread, but I can't believe no one's asked about the future of Symphony Pro for iPad Pro with Apple Pencil input.
Longing for the day on any device when I can abandon 'menu hell' and just input directly.
Staffpad apparently isn't being ported to iOS, so the field's wide open!

What do you say?!!!


  • (At the very least, it'll be great if you optimize for Apple Pencil input with more precision and pressure sensitive options, such as picking note durations or switching to rests.) 
  • Developing a well performing app on the iPad platform has been our main priority, so we've no doubt been planning a steamlined interface for iPad Pro.

    We haven't made enough progress yet to specify the exact design changes for the upcoming device, however, but you can look for more details next month, after we take care of the few remaining stability & backward compatibility issues that were introduced in the Version 4 release.
  • For when a version for iPad Pro 9.7 with apple pencil ?
  • Let's get the old version working first!
    OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6
    IOS 13.4 iPad Pro 4th gen.
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    natmusic  We're planning Apple Pencil gesture support for later this year, but we've also been making optimizations for better precision using the device on an ongoing basis. Send us an email over to [email protected] if you'd like more details, or perhaps have feedback you'd like to share. We'd love to sign you up for the beta program as well
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