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Struggling with the new version

I'm having such a tough time using this app since the update. There are good things about it but the basic stuff just isn't working at all. It won't play back, the keyboard tool is really difficult to use (I hate having to push the arrow every note and it defaults to rests that are cumbersome to go back and fix) and there's no erase tool. And for some reason I can't figure out why my current project will let me input notes in my measures 4 and 6 but not 5. Is there a way I can go back to the previous version? This is stressing me out and I have work to do.


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    Apologies about the difficulties you've been experiencing with SP4. Since the new version was released just recently, quickly addressing new stability and usability issues is top priority for us.

    Unfortunately, there isn't a straightforward or surefire way to revert back to version 3. However, if you have a recent backup of your iPad, created prior to the release of the 4.0 update on October 8, reverting to the previous version is feasible, and can be done by simply restoring from a suitable backup. The following link contains instructions on how to revert through one that is stored on iTunes or iCloud:


    Please let us know if you need any clarification or help with these instructions. Note: if you choose to perform the above steps, however, all of your other data must also be restored at the same time.

    Following-up with the particular issues you described with SP4

    • We plan to add an option to turn off the auto-fill rests feature in the next update, in response to your difficulties here

    And for some reason I can't figure out why my current project will let me input notes in my measures 4 and 6 but not 5.

    • It's very possible that the inability to add notes in a particular measure is tied to the above editing change . When you attempted to add the note in measure 5, let us know which method of input you were using (i.e. piano, direct).

    We always appreciate examples similar to the ones you've provided, and also hope that you can get back to us with the following info as soon as possible:

    • Your iPad model and generation number; we're still fixing backwards compatibility issues that may affect stability and proper editing behavior. These issues apply to iPad generation 4 and earlier, as well as with iPad Mini 1 (but not iPad Air or newer iPad Mini)
    • Your iOS version, as well as the version # of your SP installation
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