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All my projects gone - 20 hours of work lost

I'm really frustrated. I selected all my projects and clicked iCloud upload. They all indicated with an up arrow, then disappeared, with an explanation that they would no longer be on my device locally. Then I decided to look at my iCloud settings and discovered that iCloud was turned off. So I guess the app doesn't bother to check if it successfully has stored before removing the local copy!? Couldn't be more upset.

By some miracle I first decided to try emailing individual .sym files to myself which all appear to have been received. Please instruct me on how to get them back into symphony. I am on iPad and I rarely sync with iTunes anymore on my PC.

I was loving this product but this is an absolute drop dead issue.


  • Just in case this happens to anyone else, it appears that even when iCloud is off on your device, it can still upload, but not download, so as soon as I set up iCloud the files re-appeared. I am not sure why Apple even allows this with iCloud turned off...

    It would be good to add a prompt or perhaps disable the cloud button while iCloud settings are off to void this confusion.

  • We will address the cause of your issue immediately, and assist you in recovering your files the best we can. However, we can't directly recover any lost files on iCloud or otherwise.

    If you have a device backup stored on iTunes or iCloud, the following are instructions on how to restore your entire iPad to a previous snapshot, which includes Symphony Pro documents. If your projects were lost recently and an automatic backup was recently performed, this might be the first step to take.


    Regarding iCloud backups you attempted in SP, note that the application itself should generate an error message if you're not logged into iCloud. In addition, no locally stored document is ever removed until its upload was successfully completed. The issue you described was puzzling to us for this reason.

    We'd first like to know if you have any data stored on the cloud, originating from SP. You can check this by first making sure you're logged into iCloud on your device. Then, go to Home Screen > Settings > iCloud > Manage Storage > Symphony Pro 4.

    With SP projects successfully uploaded, the 'Documents and Data' field under SP 4 should indicate some amount of usage (by default, no iCloud space is taken up, if you haven't uploaded anything).

  • Hi - you will have seen that in fact the app will still store I my iCloud even without it turned on for this device. I am a programmer and I was very careful to check this setting as soon as the documents went missing. Turning iCloud on (I also upgraded iOS at that time) caused the files to reappear, to my great relief. But just now, I tried downloading another project that I had uploaded to cloud just as a test, and when prompted, I chose to delete the cloud copy, and the application froze. Upon forcing it to close and starting again, all my cloud projects are missing again!

    My settings show that there is still 1.3mb of data still stored by SP in my cloud which gives me some hope.

    Please help me asap, we have rehearsal in just 2 days and I haven't time to recreate them. Also I still have no idea how to import the .sym files I had emailed myself. This could at least give me a temporary solution if iCloud issue can't be resolved until another release.

    I really want to like this software, but it's getting hard to feel confident using it.


  • Ok so now in the latest version of SP (4.0.3) the open from Gmail feature is working. So I was very lucky to have done that. But I am still concerned that I have no way in the Symphony UI to force iCloud sync... my cloud files are still gone, and if I upload new ones, they disappear altogether from the app, and I see they are taking up space in my iCloud under SP...

  • And now they all reappear, no reboot, no change, just back.

  • Thanks for your follow-ups. We're still looking into the issue.

    In the meantime, please let us know the following additional info:

    • Your iPad model and generation number
    • Your iOS version, as well as the version # of your SP installation
    • The number of SP documents that you've had stored on iCloud back when the issue first started, and the number you have stored currently

    Also: You should know that you can manually sync iCloud documents with the Grid/Bookshelf viewing mode selected, by scrolling to the very top and pulling the screen downwards past the edge. If the window autoscrolls back up to its original position, this will indicate a successful refresh.

  • To follow up:

    - You can scratch the question about your SP version. Sorry for overlooking your info on this earlier.
    - We fixed bugs with iCloud syncing for the immediate update. This involves reducing the delay in loading & displaying the latest cloud document list, and quicker authentication checking will make the updating more responsive.
    - However, we still haven't been able to track down any bug that could cause data to be lost when uploading or downloading. If you manage to ever recover the files you mentioned, we'd like to know right away.

    We greatly appreciate your notes so far, and hope you'll let us know how iCloud is working after 4.0.6 becomes available next week.
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