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Black color only?

is it possible to show everything in black? I cannot find a setting for this. I do not mind the different colors for input (so do not want to start editing all the colors to black).


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    If you're editing a multi-voice score, you can set all notes to black, across all layers, by doing the following:

    • Press-and-hold the Voices icon inside the Navigation Toolbar to open the Voice Settings menu:

    • From this menu, you have two options:

    a) Turn off the switch labeled 'Highlight Voice', or

    b) Open 'Voice Colors' to modify the active layer's notehead color. This will present a list of options other than the default green. Check on the highlighted option, corresponding to black:

    This option is a bit more sophisticated than option (a) in that the noteheads will give an indication of which voice/layer is currently active, since only the active layer will be non-semitransparent.

    I hope this answers your question.

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