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Symphony Pro 4 Release: Latest Known Issues

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4.0 is our first update in over a year, which means the app may be prone to stability issues. Before posting about a particular difficulty, please check the list below to make sure we haven't already addressed them. Furthermore, the list will be updated periodically over the next several weeks.

Addressed for 4.1.7 (12/7)

(full changelog)

- Various crashes and layout issues when editing text within the score
- Score symbols aren't rendered (or flicker) when scrolling the page, in either paged viewing or continuous scroll mode
- Grace notes became lost when editing with Measure Dialog or when pasting
- Many other stability improvements

Addressed in 4.1.2 (11/16)

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- New lyrics couldn't be entered in 4.1
- Chord symbol editing glitches, and various other difficulties
- iPad Pro compatibility fixes, including incorrect app window size

Addressed in 4.1 (11/10)

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- SP Application Settings: Fixed critical bug where user preferences became lost upon closing and relaunching the app. This particularly occurred for new app installations (or reinstallations) after version 4.0.3.
- When uploading projects, an overwrite confirmation dialog will always show, regardless of whether an overwrite is being attempted. This dialog should be ignored until the next update.
- Crashing when exporting to PDF on earlier iPad models (i.e. iPad 2/3, iPad Mini)
- Attempting to open Measure Dialog on Copy/Paste selection > Edit Measures menu item didn't work

Known major issues

- Crashes and various glitches during editing on older 32-bit devices: iPad 4 and earlier generations, iPad Mini first generation
- MIDI import accuracy issues (voicing and note information)
- MusicXML import accuracy issues (clefs and other part information)
- Playback quality and pitch issues for various instruments, including alto sax and violin

Addressed in Update 4.0.3 => 4.0.11 (11/4)

(full changelog)

QWERTY Keyboard Shortcuts & Commands

- Customized QWERTY key commands weren't saved when reopening the app
- Note entry via QWERTY key command didn't work with the on-screen piano dismissed
- Auto-scroll and auto-page flip now work reliably when adding notes with external keyboard
- Crash when attempting to move cursor vertically to adjacent staff
- 'Repeat Selection' command sometimes didn't work


- Syncing iCloud documents often takes a lot of time, or they sometimes may fail to appear at all. For a workaround that is useful in some cases, note that you can manually fetch the latest iCloud documents. With the Grid/Bookshelf icon selected, scroll to the very top of the grid and pull the screen downwards, past its edge. A successful refresh is indicated by the window auto-scrolling back to its original position.
- Downloading an iCloud document to local storage didn’t work for certain filenames (i.e. containing periods)
- Addresses bug introduced in iOS 9, where syncing didn't work with cellular connection.
- Faster authentication checking and updating of available files and clearer error messages

General Editing

- Note input cursor positioning glitches in context of undo/redo, and when switching between editing modes
- Previously selected notes are better preserved when performing undo/redo
- Octave displacement signs (e.g. 8va) were impossible to delete
- When assigning a new staff instrument that has octave transposition: Octave and Semitone number fields were not being auto-set correctly, causing incorrect pitch during playback
- Proper note transpose interaction for percussion note selections. Diatonic modification is always applied (instead of chromatic pitch changes) when dragging percussion notes to reposition.
- Crashing when attempting to delete measures, if multi-measure rests are present in the score


- Repeat signs: measures part of a first ending sequence were played back when they were supposed to be skipped over the second time
- Pickup measure property modification in Score Menu: changes weren't being applied properly in various scenarios. (Until 4.0.6 becomes available, use the Measure Dialog to specify the pickup bar instead, with the "Bars" section selected at the bottom of the dialog box), then checking the Pickup/Anacrusis option
- Various Notes Toolbar selection glitches
- Note selection menu item regression: icons sometimes appeared too close to selected note
- Crash when attempting to open Manual/Help Menu
- Documents menu: fixed issue where renaming or duplicating a score, while viewing a folder, caused the new or edited score to be placed back inside the "All Projects" window.


- App settings occasionally became reset in unintended cases (i.e. low available storage)
- MIDI import: fixed many crashes, as well as part recognition issues
- Text flickering when scrolling

Other notes

- Version 4: Complete Features Bundle will become available to unlock in this version (4.0.6).

Addressed in Update 4.0 => 4.0.3 (10/12)

- Immediate crashing during app launch if running iOS 7
- Playback would become unexpectedly muted
- User documentation & manual pages need updating to reflect Version 4
- Updated menu titles to reflect Version 4 update & Documentation
- Noteheads expandable button doesn’t select the correct symbol
- Crash when attempting to turn on MIDI input under MIDI Setup
- MIDI-Out: incorrect playback behavior when using ‘Play Selected Part’ option
- Crash when attempting to export to AirPrint
- Play button was unresponsive after attempting to specify Loop Playback parameters
- UI Glitches when showing Note Adjust Menu
- Lyrics now get pasted when using Copy/Paste Tool


  • I have to restore purchase and redeem complete features every time I open the app AND every time I open a project. Why is that? It's driving me a bit nuts.
  • @pidgies Apologies for overlooking your message. This particular issue may caused by low available memory (i.e. local storage) on your device, which you can check here. If it's running low (< 100 MB), we highly recommend freeing up some space . 

    If you're still being prompted to restore your purchase, please let us know. 
  • When I create a new score, it won't let me change the title or composer
  • @AniQ1957 This will be addressed in the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    If renaming a project from the Score window doesn't work by either selecting the title text directly, or by using the title text field in the Score menu, the Projects window will be the only alternative option (in 4.1.7). To edit title/filename from this window:
    • Tap Select on the top-right corner 
    • Highlight the score you wish to rename, then
    • Tap the rename icon (with a paper+pencil) that appears in the Navigation Bar
  • Symphony Pro was working just fine until this recent update, and now, it won't open for me at all! I tried resetting the cache and taking the app off the multitask bar, but that also didn't work. Help!
  • edited May 2016
    We've anticipated that this issue would occur for some users, given that it's been reported every so often, especially during major update.

    Hang in there, as you're not alone; our top priority now is to resolve the crash completely for the immediate update, and/or to let users know of a reliable workaround as soon as we can. 
  • My daughter has created a choir with stringed instruments. When played back it cuts off the sound between measures... like a gap in the sound.  How do extend the phrasing to fix this?
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