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Symphony Pro will not open after update

Since the update to version 4 Symphony Pro opens and immediately closes again.


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    Sorry about the crashing: Please let us know which iOS version you're using. In particular, there is a known stability issue across all iOS 7 versions, where the app will crash immediately during launch. We've already submitted an update to fix this, and it will be available soon.

    If you have iOS 8 or 9 installed, however: we'll need to take a closer look at why the particular crash is occurring, as we are unaware of major stability issues in these OS versions. As the first troubleshooting step, you should try resetting the application data, then let us know if the issue persists. To perform the reset, the steps are simple:

    • Go to Home Screen > Settings > Symphony Pro.
    • Turn on the switch labeled 'Reset Cache'
    • Reopen Symphony Pro 4
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