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Custom tunings and strings. Tabs.

How does one change the tunings and number of strings of each instrument, or at least the guitars? And how do I get tab notation to appear?


  • The next release (version 4.0) will allow modification of tuning, with number of strings being adjustable in 4.1 or 4.2.
  • Hi, the help-doc says that strings are tunable in TAB. In the measure dialog for TAB I can see the string turnings and there is a "-" and a "+" for each string, but nothing happens if I tab on these signs. So how can the strings be tuned? And is there a possibility to add a 7th string?
  • P.S. I'm using the release 4.1.7
  • Hi Rasso, 

    Apologies about this issue. Until we address this bug for the next update, there's an alternative menu to access guitar tuning options for tablature, assuming you have originally used the Measure Dialog:
    • Open the Navigation Menu by tapping the up arrow (from the bottom-right corner of the Score Editing screen)
    • Open the Instruments popup from the Navigation Menu (the first icon at the top).
    • Under the Instruments list, select the tablature part you wish to modify the tunings for.  
    • You will then find the same set of tuning options (as illustrated) that are available from the Measure Dialog. They should work properly, but let us know if any difficulties persist:

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