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setting up to export to my email

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I just installed the app recently and tried to export a midi file to my email.
A box pops up prompting me to setup an email account in settings in the
home page. When I close the app and start it again, my last project I worked on
comes back up. Tried restarting my Ipad, openned the app again, and get the project
selection window. Not finding the home page, can someone steer me in the right
direction here.

Update: I discovered that setting up my email is done thru my ipad desktop,
entering my email information there. I'm also new to Ipad too, live and learn.


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    You'll need to tap the Projects Menu icon (shown below) after reopening the app to access the menu you're looking for.


    In the documents menu, tap 'Select', then the project you want to email. Make sure your email account set up correctly under Home Screen > Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Accounts. The email service you choose must support file attachments.
  • Will this be available on Android anytime soon
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