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Exported audio doesn't sound like what's played back in app

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(Please read my explanation about the problem and the fix in a post at the bottom. This small patch for 2.0 is supposed to be an improvement over 1.3.3. A full fix will come *AFTER* 2.0, most likely 2.1 or 2.2.)

Hey all, I was just testing out export to audio and came across a huge bug where sometimes the exported file does not even sound close to what is heard in the app. This bug is present in the App Store version of SP (1.3.3).

Needless to say, a quick patch has already been created and applied to the upcoming beta version. Non beta testers will have to wait until 2.0 for the fix.


  • Hi--does this apply to all available formats? I tried converting to MP3 and AAC and hit it both times. The ability to put music on my iPod was one of the things that convinced me to buy this app now instead of waiting for the 2.0 release...
  • Hi. Yes, this applies to all available audio formats. We use the MIDI we generate as the source for our MP3 and AAC files. Since the last release, we improved the accuracy and sounds of our MIDIs, and in turn improved MP3/AAC output. However, audio export is not yet near where we want it to be. There's quite a few lingering bugs that are noticeable when exporting. But we think it will work well enough for most users for the time being.

    We'll eventually make it so it sounds exactly like what is heard in the app. We actually started working on this a month ago but progress stalled as other parts of the app needed attention. We'll dedicate most of our development time *after* 2.0 to this.

    Lastly, 2.0 is coming soon! There's a few coding related items left that we are working on but we expect to get it all finished by the end of the weekend. Preparation for release will follow and shouldn't take more than a week.
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    I'm actually working on this right now and can confirm that this will be in the next update (2.2). AAC is already working and this time iTunes will recognize it so you can load it onto your iPod. MP3 conversion is next. :)
  • When will it be released?
  • When will it be released?
    I think we'll be submitting an update sometime early next week. Possibly on Monday.
  • Still experiencing bugs with this export function. It is playing back really fast.
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    Still experiencing bugs with this export function. It is playing back really fast.
    What version of the app are you using, and do you have an iPad 1 or 2?
  • I have the same problem. I have an iPad 2 and using the latest version of the app, which I believe is 2.2.
  • I have the same problem. MIDI files don't sound like the output from the app. I am using the latest version (2.3) on an iPad 2.

    The main problem for me appears to be that the MIDI export randomly moves notes between octaves. So, where I'm expecting the C above middle, I might get middle C instead.

    I can send you a couple of recent examples in Symphony and MIDI formats if that's helpful.

    This is a really annoying problem because one of the key things I want to be able to do is to move files between the app I use on my PC and Symphony Pro - and MIDI is the only mutually acceptable format.

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    Hi BishopBasher,

    We're aware of the exporting issues with MIDI and we'll fix them up in one of the next updates. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. The best format to use for exporting is MusicXML. If your desktop app doesn't import MusicXML, you can use the free cross-platform desktop app, MuseScore, to convert from MusicXML to MIDI for the time being.
  • Exporting to AAC in version 2.3.1 is still playing back very fast!

    It's been a while now, when is this going to be fixed??

    The app is almost uesless if i can't export the music for others to listen!
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    Don't worry, I fixed problem myself.
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    This was fixed in 2.3.2 right? Bevan is this fixed for you?
  • The first time I exported to AAC, it worked. I then changed the music speed, the AAC generated became so fast ! I then tried on other songs, I can never get the right AAC. All of them are so fast !

    Need urgent help ! My version is latest.. And is on iPad2.
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    Audio scrambling has been fixed in 2.3.3 :)
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