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Can anyone explain how to import abc files? I tap and hold the link in safari but no option to open in Symphony pro. I tried copying the URL instead but it crashes. What information within the abc file does symphony pro need to import.

Appologies if this has been answered before.




  • Two things:

    1) Try e-mailing it to yourself and opening it that way ("Open in..."Symphony Pro")

    2) If you'd be willing to share a link to a non-copyrighted ABC file, I'd be happy to try to import it, too.
  • Ok I think I've found a work around. It looks like the abc file I was trying to import contained multiple abc tunes. I assume symphony pro does not like this and prefers a single abc line.

    I copied and pasted the entire file into my iPad word processor and cut out a single tune. I then pasted this into a web based abc converter that then provided me with a midi file (I can now 'copy to..symphony pro') a bit long winded but works. I also have a URL that contains the single tune abc source but still it crashes when I copy and paste this link for import. Am I doing anything wrong?

    Has anyone else had this problem?


  • Thanks for your message and the link. Thinking the multiple song issue was at hand, I looked for another ABC source and found:


    I tried opening those and they caused Symphony Pro to crash, too.

    I've sent the developers a crash report...and they do read these forums (daily or more). So they are/will be aware.
  • Yes, these are all bugs. We'll make sure to address the issues posted here in a future update. Right now we're busy working on making 2.0 stable so we havent' had a chance to work on anything else.
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