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Need a "Read First" Sticky

edited November -1 in Symphony Pro
In reading through some of the responses, it seems pretty clear that a couple of items should be permanently attached to the forum:

1) Make sure you have updated the apps on your iPad (check for updates). I know from personal experience that some individuals do not do this very often (some of them may happen to live in my own house). If you find out that the app has been updated, see if the problem you experienced is persistent. Then report.

2) In any post, mention what version of the software you are running, so that in the future, others (developers, purchasers, interested purchasers) can know how old the problem is. On a side note,the version number is available on the help manual, lower right corner.

3) If updating your app (this app, or any other), stop the app completely. Remember that iOS 4.2 keeps apps "Frozen" until they are activated again, unless you physically shut them down. I wish Apple would make a "stop all programs" option, but for now, if you update, double press the home button, scroll to Symphony Pro, and then stop the program. It also might not hurt to shut down the iPad all the way afterwards. It seems that if you shut an iPad down, it loads with all of the previously loaded apps in the background...so power down after shutting down the app.

Finally...as a side note, It would be great if Symphony Pro could run a separate "bugs fixed" page (revision list) for those people that are interested. This sort of thing tells me (as a consumer) that a) the company is continuing to build the app, b) they are listening, c) they fix problems. All good stuff.


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