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midi files for symphony pro transit through Itunes!

I currently use music studio for ipad to create songs and convert them to midi, send them to dropbox and from dropbox I am able to open them in symphony pro to print the music sheet. In fact to open them they have to transit through Itunes and I am only able to open them in symphony from there.. ouf!
It's a bit complicated but it works so far.
Problem! I'am starting to have many files in Itune and the scrolling list is getting longer and longer . I don't know how I could delete some obsolete on?
I have downloaded itunes but I don't see nothing in my account related to these midi files.
anyone has a clue?


  • To delete Symphony Pro project files, first return to the Projects Menu and tap "Select" on the upper right. After highlighting one or more file names, a delete icon will appear on the left of the menu navigation bar. The following link is an additional reference for this task: http://symphonypro.net/manual#b'deleting-projects'.

    To delete files under the 'Copy from iTunes' folder, just swipe a file tab to the left, as shown, and tap the 'Delete' button that appears:


    Please let us know if you need any help with managing files or working with the iTunes menu.
  • Thank you this is very helpful.
    Now How can I organise my files in folders into S P
  • Folder support isn't yet available, but will become a supported feature.

    In the meantime, we're always glad to help and to provide any further assistance in learning to use Symphony Pro :)

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