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The very first thing I did with Symphony Pro was to load a guitar score that showed the guitar part an octave low, rather than transposed up to the treble clef, as is customary.

Naturally, I wanted to select the guitar part and take it up twelve steps... but there is no "select all". The help said something about a "select part" in the "copy/paste tooltip", but there is no such option.

Seems like a nice program, but seriously... no "select all"? This is the most basic functionality. I suggest an urgent update to include this, otherwise the app is useless. Not going to scroll through ten pages of score to transpose a part up an octave. Easier to hit "delete" on the app.


  • This difficulty has been addressed; if it's particularly cumbersome, you're welcome to have early beta access for the next version of SP. Just send us an email to [email protected] and include a link to the forum post as well.
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