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Can invisible notes be silenced for playback

I'm not sure what invisible notes are intended to be used for, but I use them to create an offset. In handbell music, handbells and chimes at each station are usually played by the same individual who reads linearly across the same staff, but the chime note is notated with a diamond head to set it apart from the bell note. Often, even though I am using different voices and stem directions for the two melodies, the notes will just stack on top of each other if they are close. I am usually able to get around this by inserting a note (usually a second immediately above or below the note I wish to offset), and then just make that note invisible. This makes the appearance upon printout cleaner. The problem is, though, that this invisible note still sounds upon playback which makes it tricky to discern if I actually wrote down what I intended to. Is there a way to silence invisible notes? Or a different way to create the offset?


  • Hi Anya,

    You can switch invisible notes to rests in order to make them silent. In Select Mode, first highlight the note, then in the sidebar, change the corresponding note button to the rest icon.
  • Yes, but then I lose the offset, and the notes end up being stacked.

    I've attached a picture so hopefully it will be clearer what I mean. In measure 52 and 54, the D6 note is played as an accompaniment on the bells (the tied dotted half notes), but also as a melody on the chimes (the diamond note). In measure 52, I added an invisible C6 note in another voice to force the diamond note to shift over so it's clear to see that it's a chime note and also that it has a different value than the accompaniment. In measure 54, I converted that invisible note to a rest as you suggested, but that results in the notes just being stacked/piled on top of each other. It's not very clear to see what the note value is for either.

    If there's a different way to create this offset, I'd love to try it. But it sounds like I have to choose between hearing correct playback (in which case I don't need an invisible note or rest or anything) or having it display the notes clearly. Thoughts?
  • Thanks for the clarification Anya. We understand your situation correctly now. Unfortunately, there isn't any other way to offset the overlapping noteheads other than by your original method, which is clever, but also means that there will be compromises in playback like you mentioned.

    This issue will be addressed in the next version, and overlapping noteheads will be offset as they should be.


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