enharmonics, editing notes, pdf color

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- is it possible to change a note enharmonically (after keyboard input)?
(if not, a button would be nice, toggle through the different options of the note including double-sharps etc.)

- when I need to move a note upwards (perhaps up a step) I cannot see the note's location since my finger is on it. Any suggestions to make this easier?

- sometimes when doing this I need to also change the accidental. What is the easiest way to do this?

- when I (eventually - because of the freezing up) export a PDF, the score color is also exported (is this useful for anyone? personally I think it should override and be white.)


  • Isn't possible to change a note enharmonically on keyboard, personally, I think if you click on sharp and hit a note it should be sharped instead of flatted, and vise versa.
    Should be an easy fix, hopefully in 2.0, and possibly a double sharp or double flat button if they really want to be generous. hell, throw in a double natural button.

    I usually can tell what note it is then moving it with finger, it might be annoying but I like editing with sound.

    Easiest way to change accidental is moving it up or down and pressing the flat, sharp, and natural buttons.

    Personally, I LOVE blue colored scores, not sure why, personal prefferrence.
    My old band teachers used to have dozens of blue and pink colored scores :lol:

    Hope this helped a bit. :D
  • Thanks Braemen for your information.
    Blue scores? go for it!
    I have a black and white printer for music etc. so having a color in the background is not so good!
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