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How to maintain continuous eighth note beaming while crossing down

In a piece with 3/4 time, I have one measure where all the notes in the treble are eighths. It starts with an eighth of rest, followed by 5 eighth notes. I have figured out how to customize the beaming such that all 5 notes are beamed together. However, in this particular sequence of notes, I need the first and last notes to cross down to the bass clef. When I select the last note and ask it to cross down, it does so with no problem, keeping the beaming continuous. However, when I select the first of the five notes and ask it to cross down, it crosses down but breaks away from the continuous beaming and is now a standalone eighth in the bass clef. Is there a way to accomplish this while keeping the beaming continuous?


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    Hi Anya,

    If you're trying to make a continuous beam that starts from the treble clef and moves down to the bass clef, but the beam is currently broken where it starts crossing down (as shown in the first image) , you should select the note directly before it, open the Fine Edit menu, then select "Continue" under Custom Beaming (as shown in Image 2). The third image shows the result.

    I hope I read your scenario correctly. If not, a screenshot of your current arrangement would be very helpful.

    Image 1: https://cl.ly/image/120C3l0W361l

    Image 2: https://cl.ly/image/3A1I153F1Q1Q

    Image 3: https://cl.ly/image/2k1V1a212Y0u

  • Thanks for the response... It's not quite what I was doing, but something you said sparked my curiosity to see what would happen if I selected the rest on beat 1 as the start for the continuing beam, and that seemed to do the trick. Here's the picture after I accomplished what I intended.

    Prior to this, I first entered all the notes in the treble clef. I then asked each middle C to cross down, but only the last middle C in the measure would do so and keep the beam continuous. When I asked the first middle C to cross down, it would break off from the continuous beam, and just go to the bass clef as a single eighth note. From there, it was no longer possible to re-continuous beam it by selecting the first middle C. However, by selecting the rest on beat 1, and then asking it to continuous beam, it was able to do it. Here's a pic of what I wanted to accomplish and finally did.
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    Hi Anya,

    Thanks for sharing this. You were definitely right to have all the notes on the same staff, we didn't make this clear, but will do so next time we have a similar question. We're also working on making beam creation more intuitive overall, so that you can essentially select the notes you want to beam together without having to pinpoint the connection points.

    We hope to see your help and feedback continue :)
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