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Cannot figure out playback

edited November -1 in Symphony Pro

I cannot figure out how playback works. Manual says to click on measure when in note edit mode and tap green play button on top left of that measure. I see no green playback.

I tried the loopback feature as an alternative. I type in a beginning and ending measure. Once in a while it remembers and loops, most often it doesn't save and starts at the beginning of the score. It also changes the measures I type in to one before the start measure.

Any information is much appreciated.

thank you



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    Tap on the gear icon on the top toolbar, and then tap on any measure to bring up the measure editor dialog. At the top of this dialog is a play button that will start playback at the given measure. Sorry about the confusion with the manual, that section is just out of date.

    We'll also look into the looping feature to make sure that it's working like it should for the next version.
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    Got it..Thank you..s
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