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Is Symphony suitable for playing MusicalXML file for choir practice?

I'm looking for an easy to use app for iPad for my 80 year old mother to help with her choir practice. Her needs are very simple: the choir provides the music as MusicalXML files with all the different 'voices' ( sorry, don't know the english terms, but I mean like alto, tenor, bass etc) and all she needs to do is to be able to play and listen to her 'voice' only. Would Symphony (for iPhone) be a suitable program for that purpose? If not can you recommend an other? I'm proficient with computers so I can do the installation of the MusiicalXML files if that is difficult, all she needs is the ability to select a song and play different voices at will.


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    edited March 2015
    Our iPhone app is definitely suitable in the case you described, as it fully supports MusicXML files and playback customization options to select a particular staff.

    If it turns out that our app isn't the right fit for whatever reason, just let our support address know (support@symphonypro.net), and we can provide an immediate refund.
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    Thanks, I will install it and have a go!
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    Hi, I bought the application and installed it but it does not run. The Symphony app icon looks wrong, I think it is some kind of default app icon, definitely not the Symphony icon. When I click on it (on iPad mini) a phone size window (with mock phone frame I think) appears for a second or so and then disappears. My iPad has iOS 6.1.2. I tried to restart the iPad and also uninstall/reinstall, but this did not change anything. Now what?
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    We sent you an email back to resolve the issue or obtain a refund.
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