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Metronome changes by itself... and how to isolate one instrument?

Two more questions while I'm at it... It happens frequently while I'm doing playback that when I return to do another playback, the metronome has reset itself to 240 or 420. It seems to happen randomly. Is this a bug?

Also, is there a way to hear the playback of just one instrument? My current score in progress has a grand piano, a marimba and a flute. At times, I want to isolate one of the instruments and just listen to that. I have seen how I can isolate the display to just show the one instrument, but when I do a playback even just showing just the one instrument, all of the instruments still sound. Is there something else that I need to do in order to accomplish this?


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    We have fixed the first issue for the next release. You will also be able to isolate instruments using Mute/Solo controls. At the moment, you can also consider buying our iPhone app (Symphony for iPhone), which has this capability.
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    Thanks. I look forward to the next release. Sounds like a lot of good things coming our way.

    About Symphony fir iPhone, do you have an information blurb for that? Do the works automatically synchronize across the two devices (iPhone and iPad)? I don't want to create something or change something on one device and have it not 'follow' to the other device. As an aside, for me, it would seem like the interface on the iPhone would almost be too small to effectively work with the staff and keyboard, but maybe that's just me.
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    Although the previous iPhone generations in particular are definitely quite small, the next releases for both platforms will support iCloud sync that lets you share projects seamlessly as you described.

    You can find out more about Symphony for iPhone at:

    • symponypro.net/iphone
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    I also had the stuck metronome problem today. The metronome had been set to 100, near the speed for performance. I played it back at 50 to listen for problems. But then, the metronome got stuck on 82 for a few hours. I tried closing and reopening the project, and Symphony Pro itself. Finally, the 2d or 3d time I closed the whole of SP, it came back with the metronome fixed. However, I don't know why the metronome got independent-minded, or why it started behaving again.
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    Sorry about the issues you encountered. It looks like your particular case is due to time signature changes, but let me know otherwise. In addition to tempo changes before start of playback being properly applied in the next update, playback speed will be completely stable in the context of time signature differences between one part of the score and the next.
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