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Some of these have already been mentioned and I know you are working on some also.
1. Real time record
2. coda and segno transitions
3. More than 2 endings (would like option for multiple endings & multi-measure endings)
4. What does "Clear Measure" do? Doesn't seem to do anything.



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    Real time is coming in the next update. Clear Measure removes all notes from the current measure. It can cause the app to crash a lot but that has since been fixed for SP 2.0.
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    Clear Measure seems to only work on the first page of multi-page works (I have multi-staves, too... don't know if that affects anything).
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    I can work around most of the problems I've reported... if you could add coda and segno transitions to the next release, I would be a happy camper for quite a while.
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    We will continuously add features while keeping the user interface simple and straightforward. That said, coda is definitely on the list.

    Thanks for your support,
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    what about the opportunity to stretch endings more than one bar? ie. when I do a first ending, the line seems to only stretch 1 bar...this doesnt work for 1st endings longer than 1bar...I had to draw them in after...also dying for the CHORD tool for doing leadsheets!!!---had to write them in...and the ability to choose how many bars per line or on a given line is an absolute must...especially for jazz players..you have no idea how much people complain when there aren't even numbers of bars per line!! (or maybe you do :)
    ...also the TRANSPOSE tool seems a little convuluted...I created a CONCERT lead sheet, and then wanted it transposed for Bb Tenor Sax...the method to transpose it seemed to have a few unnecessary steps..
    really liking the app so far!...any hints about the update arrival date?? I know lots of people are dying for it!...I just had to do a bunch of charts, and they look nice but having to write in the chord changes was kind of limiting :(

    Thanks for your hard work!
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    Check out this sticky jazzman http://forums.symphonypro.net/viewtopic.php?id=87.

    We will also have a method for handling transposing instruments and setting the number of measures in a line soon.
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    Thanks Ross! super excited... I had a rehearsal today and the guys reading my charts were all complaining about my uneven number of measures per line...I told them "the update is coming!"
    Thanks again for a great app...I never liked sitting in front of a pc to work on charts...doing it on my ipad is AWESOME, thanks to you guys!
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