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edited November -1 in Symphony Pro
When I bounce between Symphony Pro and the app I use to play songs from my ipod library to transcibe ( it has a feature that slows the tempo and allows you to loop any start and end point you desire). Symphony Pro always opens to the first page of the file with the keyboard entry feature up. Is there a way at this tme to set it so that it opens to the last page in the file that I was working on with the same view I was using (keyboard entry disabled and pinched magnified view for instance) .
Better yet include the ability to import a song from your ipod library with a playback function that includes tempo increase or reduction and the ability to loop sections as a feature in Symphony Pro. That would be transcription paradise.


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    Do you have iOS 4 installed on your iPad? If it is, and you have multitasking enabled, then Symphony Pro will resume exactly as you left it when you open it back up.

    A transcription tool would be very useful, but we don't have any plans for one at this point.
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