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Newbie here, but I have searched and experimented diligently and cannot seem to notate an arpeggio.

It is listed in the features, but not mentioned in the manual.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hi Jeff: You can find the arpeggio by

    (1) Switching the sidebar to the articulations menu using the button at the very top, as highlighted in red in the illustration below.
    (2) Selecting the Arpeggio icon highlighted in green
    (3) Tapping once on an existing chord.

    Illustration: http://oi61.tinypic.com/dy5305.jpg
  • Thanks, but either it's not an arpeggio I'm looking for or SP is not playing it back properly.

    I'm trying to notate a chord that is developed one note at a time over a measure, each of four notes coming in at each quarter beat. First note is a whole note, next is a dotted half, next is a half and last is a quarter note. Isn't that an arpeggio? SP is playing the chord with the arpeggio symbol as a normal chord, all notes simultaneously.
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    Thanks for clarifying. In that case, I'd recommend to tie the notes over each other, as shown by the example below:


    You can do this by first adding 4 notes/chords that represent up the arpeggio at each quarter note time step, and then simply setting the first 3 notes/chords as ties. I hope that I read your situation correctly. Let me know if you'd like any clarification on making chords or setting ties for arpeggios.
  • I entered the arpeggio on the keyboard and noted how it notated it. I'm used to seeing the first note as a whole note and each successive note shorter. I see now how I can enter it as you describe but it sure looks tedious. So the arpeggio symbol is just for show or for the performer?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Hi Jeff: The arpeggio symbol that's currently available only applies to a single vertical chord and can't extend horizontally, but it affects playback in that context, in addition to being a performance indication. A wider and more flexible range of arpeggio symbols will be available in the next release, and we're certainly looking into customizability as well, in terms of playback and notation-wise.
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