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Text and articulations 'wander' when outputting score to PDF

WYSIWIG does not seem to apply with several features. When exporting the score to PDF, I often find that text I added has wandered and doesn't line up under the note I placed it. Sometimes half rests are floating in mid-air and are very difficult to precisely place onto the horizontal bar. Crescendos and decrescendos are not reliable if they cross a measure line even if they are tied to a specific note as they will show either too long or too short upon output. Same with slurs. And if I switch to Continuous Scroll and then switch back, all bets are off that added text or certain articulations have stayed in place where I put them. Unfortunately, I often resort to leaving items like these off the score entirely and resort to edit in manually after export. Is there a better way to anchor elements like these to the score that I have not discovered yet? I am using an Ipad2 and SP 3.5.7


  • We're aware of these bugs and have been addressing them.

    Current Suggestion:

    • If any of the text you're adding is in the form of a chord symbol or a lyric, using the designated tools instead of the text box will prevent unwanted layout changes. The manual entry on these tools is available at the following link: http://symphonypro.net/manual#b'chord-symbols'
  • Unfortunately, they are not chord symbols or lyrics. I'll continue as is for now and hope you figure it out for the next update. Thanks for responding.
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