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Can't find Export to iTunes

I recently completed a composition and wanted to send the audio playback to a friend. While in the 'Share' feature, I noticed I could export to iTunes and thought I would try this first so I could listen to it myself first before sending to my friend. I selected 'iTunes' and received the message 'The file is now available on your device' but I could not find it. I then tried again and this time the message was 'The file is now available in iTunes on your device.' But I am unable to find it anywhere. Can you tell me how to find the audio file on my device for playback through iTunes? I am using an iPad2 and SP 3.5.7.


  • To find the files you exported to iTunes, you first need to connect your iPad to your Mac or PC to retrieve it (note: export to the Music app on your iPad is not yet supported). Simple instructions on file sharing are available in the following link: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201301, under the section 'Copy files from an iOS app to your computer'

    When retrieving the file, click 'Symphony Pro' in the Apps tab, and under the Documents list, look for a file with the .m4a extension.

    We'd be happy to clarify or provide more specific instructions if needed.
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