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Is there a way to add a semibreve (whole note) rest to fill a completely empty bar (measure) in any time sig? This is the correct way to fill an empty bar and I'm scoring out parts for my students, I don't want to contradict what I've taught them. In 3/8 for example a bar will only take a dotted crotchet (quarter note) rest.
Also any idea when the update with multi measure rests (with a number on top) is coming?
Thanks for a great product overall, just these little glitches! Maybe I'm just missing something.


  • Both of these capabilities/features are on the way for our next update, but we've yet to announce when it will become available, so we'd be happy to give you beta access if these features are important to you. Just send us your email to [email protected] in that case.
  • Yes yes yes I love beta updates you rock symphony pro! Only other company I work with that has offered beta updates was boomerang out of Texas. Mike offered midi sync updates for his device before it was available to public that's cool company karma thanks guys I'll be contacting youfor the multi measure rest update, cheers sc
  • @trbstringedkeyman Great to hear you're interested! Just send us an email to [email protected] along with email address we can send the invitation to.
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