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Hi there,

I like your software but I really need the possibility to be able to (chromatically) transpose parts of the score. I don't mean the possibility to transpose the key of the whole score just several spots.

Is this on your to-do list?

Thanks in advance


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    There's another way to transpose that doesn't involve changing the key. First, close the keyboard if it is open. Then, go into select mode (cursor icon) and click and drag on the score to select a group of notes. You can use the up and down arrows on the bottom right of the screen to move each of the selected notes up or down a half step at a time.
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    Okay that's cool but is it also possible to select a whole staff at once?
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    The easiest way to do it is to press the 'T all' button from within the menu where you add notes. That will change the visible staff. Then you can select and transpose the entire page at a time, since all notes on the page will be in the same staff.

    You can also go in to the measure edit dialog (gear icon, then tap on a measure), to add a key change. Once you change the key you'll be prompted to transpose the notes. So you can change the key, confirm that you want to transpose, and then change the key back without transposing this time. If you're careful about it, this will have the effect of transposing all notes within that range (potentially the entire staff), without changing the key.
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    Okay all of these possibilities work. But it would be nice to select notes and transpose them in a more natural way. I mean a menu which gives me the option to transpose in seconds/ thirds/ octaves and so on. Like in Sibelius - you for sure know the way the developers of Sibelius programmed it.
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